Link Building and how to do it

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Link building is a method of gaining links from other websites. Earned links can naturally help in improving the reputation of a website and the ranking position on search engines. Self-made links are unnatural and search engines penalise unnatural links. Link building can be very risky and needs to be avoided until you deal with the quality issues on your website. If the content on your website is not attracting organic links or social shares, it may pose to be a huge problem.

Gaining unnatural links won’t help in the long run. It’s very important to know that the search engines discard and ignore lots of links to your website, especially when they are of low quality. Links matter in most situations but search engines would demote sites that don’t have Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness (E-A-T). A big part of E-A-T is gaining mentions and links on authoritative websites.

Search engines reward high-quality links and aim to ignore low-quality links. It can also penalise the spamming activity carried out by websites using manual actions. Before link building, websites need to be checked for quality issues and efforts should be made to improve the website content. Link building services are offered by various agencies, and if you’re looking for a Perfect linkbuilding agency Sydney you can get in touch with to help you.

How to Build Links

There are various methods you can implement to build links. Some techniques can be genuine while some can be unnatural or ‘black hat’ techniques. Beware of black hat techniques as these are against the guidelines that search engines follow. For this reason, it’s labelled as ‘web spam’. Off-page SEO can be a tricky business and some websites should avoid these tactics altogether! Some people claim that search engines mark it as spam and therefore it needs to be avoided, but there is no mistake in carrying out Off-page SEO that is ethical. High-quality links don’t live in isolation from high-quality products, websites or services.

Does a Brand/Website Copy their Competitors?

A brand or website doesn’t need the same links as that of their competitors, or for that matter, even the same content. However, if you’re lacking the inspiration to create something unique, you need to do something your competitors are doing in order to stay in the competition. When you perform a competitor analysis, you can check their backlinks to see if they have managed to earn high-quality links and determine how they did this and if it can be replicated. But keep in mind; it is impossible to get each and every link your competitor may have! However, you can spot the links that you might have a chance in gaining.

High-quality content marketing on competitor sites needs to be carefully observed and the top linkable assets needs to be identified in the niche. With this information in hand, you can easily copy or learn from successful competitor strategies. You can also make use of various tools that can help in identifying the top-ranking pages on a website. You have to look at examples of high-quality marketing and completely avoid low-quality SEO techniques just to take on two competitors. Contact Us

 It would be difficult to know if the links are devalued or disavowed. Some competitors may opt for the practice of making use of unnatural links and get away with it by ranking higher on webpages. But this cannot be worth the time and effort involved. You would have to find out the pages that are driving links to your competitor’s website. Identify the best links acquired by your competitors and then try to acquire those links. Doing this can help you rank above your competitors’ website on SERPs. Competitor analysis can be just one aspect of SEO.

Content Marketing

This can be the most legitimate and best strategy you can add to your business to build links to your website. Content marketing can be used for websites. Properly executed content marketing can help in earning a lot of high-quality backlinks. It is simple and free from risk. When links need to be built, you can add a high-quality article and the fresh content to help in generating backlinks naturally, if the content resonates with your target audience. This strategy works well in most cases. People and other websites consume content. Also, some websites keep producing fresh content so that they can easily reach on top ranking on SERPs and establish their authority.  Outreach is the activity of promoting your content to those who might link to it. When content marketing is coupled with outreach, it can turn into a powerful tactic!

Modern Link Building

Link building is not just submitting poor content and linking it with various websites that no one sees outside of a web crawler. Link building is no longer a process of hiding keyword-rich anchor text underneath infographics. The search engine gets smarter and they keep fine-tuning their algorithms to prevent attempts at manipulation.

Link building is a proven tactic of marketing and a valid form of promotion. Link building is about deliberately seeking out opportunities to get the content and website in front of an audience that cares. You can act as an ambassador for your content and can take it where it would find success. To succeed, you have to build something which should be worth linking to. This is where the role of content comes in. It is one of the main elements in marketing. No webmasters would show interest in linking unless they feel that the content offers something that provides value to the visitors.

Link building can be more than waiting and building links by observing various other websites. It can be a targeted promotion and tactful method of promoting content to the audience who would not have encountered it, otherwise. The content should be engaging so that readers won’t be able to ignore it. Link building is personal now, where it was faceless and automated. It cannot be about cheating the system but looking for places to make connections, build a relationship and engage audiences so that it can benefit everyone involved. 

A link is a vote of confidence and earning someone’s confidence can be a skill any successful business needs to master. Link building tactics can be clever: researching competitors, seeking broken links to be replaced and contribute content to relevant sites; sparking conversations with communities who care and even hunting out human edited directories that belong to the same niche.

Link building is not dead but has evolved as a business so you cannot afford to ignore it. Search engine marketing practices must be adapted or else they would face extinction.  Search engine marketing practices must be adapted to, or else they may get obliterated. Link building can be a perfect example and it doesn’t need to succumb to extinction!

If link building for your brand is what you need, you turn to a link building agency in Sydney called This agency offers high-quality link building services to brands and can help in increasing website rankings in SERPs. They make use of various tools and methods to reach out to other authoritative websites for the purpose of link building. If you’re looking to increase keyword rankings, drive more traffic and gain more conversions, seeking help from agencies for services like link building can be beneficial for your website!


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